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Moscow sightseeing, the best places for sightseeing in Moscow

Moscow sightseeing Moscow sightseeing – top 10 places for tourists. Must-do`s Moscow sightseeing tours

The first problem every tourist visiting the Russian capital needs to solve is which of the Moscow sightseeing options he should choose. And it really is a difficult question, because there are so many great places, parks, buildings and monuments you can’t fail to want to see. There are a lot of interesting things around but there isn’t enough time to see them all. What should I start with? Where should I go then?
Here we present the top 10 Moscow sightseeing places for a fascinating holiday.
  • Red Square, Kremlin and Aleksndrovsky Garden
  • VDNH
  • Moscow underground
  • Tretyakov Gallery
  • Vorobyevy gory
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
  • Pobedy (or Victory) Park
  • Tsaritsyno and Gorky Parks

What is the first thing you imagine hearing about Moscow sightseeing?

Moscow sightseeing number 1

If you hear «Paris» then you imagine the Eiffel Tower. If «India» then the Taj Mahal. If «Australia» then the Sydney Opera House. And if «Moscow» then… of course, it is Red Square! Come to the heart of Russian history where all the most famous symbols are located. The Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin`s Mausoleum and GUM are waiting for tourists every day throughout the year. Pass through the Russian historical Museum and visit Aleksndrovsky Garden. It makes a good tradition to start your Moscow city sightseeing from here.

Sightseeing in Moscow continues at VDNH

Moscow sightseeing top 10

Since it was opened on 1 August 1939, the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy was always one of the most popular public spaces for sightseeing in Moscow. It is the largest exposition, museum and recreational complex in the whole world. Here you can enjoy open-air exhibitions and concerts, or just have a nice walk to experience Moscow’s city planning and architecture. Fountains add more charm to this place, especially the symbol of VDNH – the Friendship of People’s Fountain.

Moscow sightseeing top 10 metro stations

Moscow sightseeing metro

One of the world’s most beautiful undergrounds attracts thousands of tourists every year. Great architecture and design inherited from the Soviet times became a reason why some of them were included in textbooks on architecture. Here we present Moscow sightseeing top 10 stations everyone should see:
  • Mayakovskaya
  • Ploschad Revolutsii
  • Novokuznetskaya
  • Komsomolskaya
  • Novoslobodskaya
  • Kievskaya
  • Arbatskaya
  • Belorusskaya
  • Park Kultury
  • Kropotkinskaya
Please remember that it would be better to plan your Moscow underground sightseeing tour at the weekend, because taking a metro trip in rush hour can be a disaster as the Moscow Metro is considered one of the most overcrowded in the world.

Tretyakov Gallery as a mirror of Russian art history

Moscow sightseeing top 10 Tretyakov gallery
The first thing that you will notice here is an old-fashioned building full of the spirit of ancient Russia. But more impressive things are waiting for you inside. More than 1300 works by great Russian artists from the 11th till the early 20th century will open up all their secrets just for you. Old icons and mosaics, landscapes, portraits and historical paintings together make a collection of outstanding masterpieces of art.

Best Moscow sightseeing view

Moscow city sightseeing

Vorobyovy Gory (or Sparrow Hills) is one of the most beautiful places in our city. The upper right bank of the Moskva River draws attention to itself with a dense wood, and a wonderful view opening out from it at all times. The widest and most picturesque panorama of the capital opens out from Vorobyovy Gory. It is the best to start your walk from the main building of the Moscow State University. Pass along the Avenue of Scientists to the observation deck. Then go down to Moskva River through a beautiful park. There is a fine walking zone along the river bank where it is possible to  hire rollerblades or bicycles and to glide alongside the river. In summer you also can do an interesting and beautiful Moscow sightseeing tour by river boat.

Grace and honour of architecture

Moscow sightseeing Church of Christ the Savior

After years of reconstruction, the Bolshoi Theatre was finally re-opened in its czarist era and violin-shaped form. Placed in the city centre, this building is a famous example of Russian classical architecture. The Bolshoi Theatre represents one of the main world theatrical stages. It has played an outstanding role in the formation of the Russian music and performing arts school and in the formation of national art, including the glorified Russian ballet.
Another well-known monument of architecture in the city centre is the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour which is the biggest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church. It was built as a memorial in honour of a victory in the war of 1812 against Napoleon. But in 1931, according to Joseph Stalin’s order, it was totally destroyed and only by 2000 was it restored again to its original form.

Must-see parks for Moscow sightseeing tours

Moscow sightseeing parks

Park Pobedy (or Victory Park) is a unique place. It has immortalized the memory of the dead during the Second World War. It is a spacious area dedicated to the victory of the Russians over Nazi Germany. This huge complex includes monuments, memorials, fountains and the Victory Museum. Nowadays it is also a popular holiday spot for Muscovites and thousands of tourists.
One more interesting place for Moscow sightseeing tours is the museum-reserve Tsaritsyno Park. It includes an architectural complex from the late 18th century, greenhouses, a historical landscaped park with ponds and new green zones with a beautiful fountain of many lights. One amazing fact is that the complex was created as a suburban residence  for the Empress Catherine II, but after the Empress’s death all work stopped. And only in the 21st century was construction  fully completed.
Despite the emergence of new gardens, Gorky Park still remains the largest recreation area since 1928. It is a place where everyone can find entertainment. Attractions for fun-lovers, there are catamarans on the lake or just take a quiet walk then go to the Neskuchny Garden for a little rest. Gorky Park is also an ideal place for large public celebrations and one of the most popular Moscow sightseeing places for tourists.

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