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Visit to Moscow, Moscow visit

Welcome to Russia! Make your visit to Moscow unforgettable with us!

Our guided tours on your visit to Moscow reveal the city’s secrets in a different and original way. Enjoy your trip with our special music-inspired excursions!

Your visit to Moscow,- the main idea of our excursions

 A visit to Moscow is going to be  a completely new experience for one who takes our music tour, especially if you are tired of the ordinary guided tours! In our excursion, the story of the guide which is full of historical facts, urban legends, city anecdotes, amusing tales and useful tips is also accompanied by musical melodies, as a rule, used while moving from one sight to another.
Our wireless headphones have a function where the voice of the guide switches to our special selection of music.  If the group is relatively small,  you can listen to the guide without the headphones and put them on just for listening to the music. It’s easy  –  you  just listen to the guide, enjoy the beautiful music and walk from one sight to another.
The inspirational collection of music pieces by Russian composers of various genre and generation is exclusively arranged in a way that specifically complements and embellishes each city attraction on the tour visit.
Our principal goal is not  just to introduce the historical highlights to you and to show you the tourist attractions during your visit to Moscow. Our Moscow excursions are different, as by playing certain  musical themes, we also immerse the traveller into the unique city atmosphere –   the heart of it opens up to you through the music rhythms and beats –this is why the name of our agency is Moscow Beats Tour.

Visiting Moscow with our original tours

To visit the capital city of Russia is to witness exclusive sights and attractions which can hardly be seen during one excursion! That’s why we have made two versions of our tour: (- it’s still not possible to show it all!)
Classical Moscow Beats Tour and Alternative Moscow Beats Tour
Our music tours last for 2.5 hours, are comfortably arranged and affordable. The price of 20 €  includes a metro pass and a lovely gift for each guest at the end of the excursion. We are happy to offer our customers group tours – available at weekends during the summer season (May – September) and private tours throughout the year upon request.
Our guides are trained, experienced and ready to share positive vibes with our guests.  We are waiting for your reservation– turning your trip to Russia  into an unforgettable experience!

We can also fulfill your demands with a range of classic guided outings:
  • The tour around Kremlin’s territories
  • Various Moscow Museums and other excursions in Moscow
  • And also: The famous Golden Ring of Historical Russian Cities
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